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Monday, March 11, 2013


You can purchase Scott's music on both iTunes and Amazon

This Jersey cop turned country artist is hot on the harder rockin' country scene in Nashville and starting to make a name for himself in the industry, having opened for artists such as Christian Kane and other nationally known Nashville recording artists. Scott DeCarlo's sound is unique and his blend of Country/Rock is one that definitely hasn't been heard much, if at all for that matter. He brings something a little different to the country music table and I can assure you, this ain't your mama's country cookin' in the kitchen. She could never rock this hard. His look is different, his sound is different but his love of country is the same, he just amps it up to twelve and cranks it out from his heart. While other artists are crossing over to the pop sound, Scott is bringing a little rock to the country and I happen to love it.

With a brand new single, "Havin' a Good Time", recently released to country radio and doing very well, it's obvious that's exactly what Scott DeCarlo is doing with his music, "Havin' a Good Time". When you say “21st Century Country Rock” what comes to mind? A scatter-gun of styles, lyrics, beats, genres, vocals and the varied instrumental appeal streams your consciousness. How do you know when a new artist emerges? Is it the track you hear continually posted on Top 40 or the Country charts? There is no clear answer but when you hear a song like this that has you walking away singing, you know the magic is there and there's no denying there's substance to it and experience behind it. Scott DeCarlo is “21st Century Country Rock”- reasonably reminiscent, yet completely original and strikingly haunting. Scott DeCarlo is as “country” as you can get, but in a “New Jersey kind of way.”

When with his former band mates, The Scott DeCarlo Six, Scott released a definitive hybrid indie album, recorded in Nashville and helmed by producers Biff Watson and Eric Legg. Entitled “A Whole New Kind Of Crazy,” the LP is composed of original songs penned by Scott and a few co-writers, including producer Biff Watson and songwriter Clint Bullard.

“A Whole New Kind Of Crazy,” song-by-song, delves into love lost, love found, the working man, artist identity, belief, live performance and the unity of sound only a band can deliver. Springsteen tapped into those anthems with the E Street Band, Tom Petty with The Heartbreakers, Donald Fagen with Steely Dan. The “band unity” also gave birth to Country artists like Vince Gill, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson. All of these artists left their impression on Scott. Those impressions are subliminal and rooted and they are assuredly echoed throughout the album, track for track.

Emerging now as a solo act and making his way in the country scene, Scott's mission is perform his songs live and give it an unmatched and unparalleled edge. Having worked with some of Nashville's best studio session musicians on his previous cd as well as the new single, Biff Watson/acoustic guitar, Scott Williamson/drums and percussion, Jimmy Lee Sloas/bass, Kelly Back/electric guitars, Adam Schoenfeld/electric guitars and Mike Rojas/keyboards just to name a few, Scott is determined to leave his footprint in the musical concrete of Nashville.

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Trish NJ said...

Scott is an AMAZING LIVE performer. He pulls you in with his looks, his music and his heart which pours out of his honest lyrics. Don't miss the opportunity to see Scott DeCarlo Live!