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Friday, November 21, 2014


Lead Single, “Back Road,” Available Today

Photo credit: Greg Swales

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(Nashville, Tenn. – Nov. 21, 2014) – Country newcomer Nate Green is releasing his much-anticipated, debut EP, Road Map, on Jan. 13, with a pre-sale date of today, Nov. 21. “Back Road,” the new focal track off of Road Map, and “Wild & Free” will be available for download following the pre-sale purchase. An official music video for “Back Road” has been shot and will be released in the coming weeks.

A true musician, Green traveled the world to study how music differs in various cultures and which instruments are prominent in various regions and why. His journey took him to Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Mexico, New York, Miami, L.A. and Nashville, which gives his music a truly unique sound. Road Map was written, recorded and produced during Green’s travels and is highly anticipated by his growing national and international fan base.

In addition to his musical sabbatical to perfect his craft, Green also single-handedly penned each track on the new EP.

"When I set out on my travels to complete this EP, I really just wanted to take in as much music as I possibly could and immerse myself in each culture. I learned so much about music and got a whole new perspective on what it means to 'be an artist,' and I'm so thankful that I got to have that experience while I was writing the new music," comments Green.

Combining real country lyrics with a southern pop sensation, Green’s upcoming single, “Back Road,” pours out the connection between two lovers enjoying a night in the country. The release follows Green’s recent debut release, “Wild and Free.”

Green comments of the new track, “The song [“Back Road”] is a progressive journey taking you away from the bright light, fast-paced city life, and showing you the way I live; the way I grew up in the country. The sound itself is as much of a contrast as the city is to the country. It's a fun song and a defining moment in my writing career.”

2014 proved to be an exciting start to the newcomer’s career as he was featured on ZUUS Country’s On The Rise in September and was added to the network’s “Country Hunks” playlist. Additionally, Green was named one of the “10 Hottest Guys You’ve Ever Seen in Country Music” by

A seasoned performer and entertainer, Green has already opened up for acts such as Little Big Town on their A Place to Land Tour, Dierks Bentley, Zac Brown Band and Latin sensation Gloria Trevi at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City.

Road Map Track Listing:

1. Ride

2. Back Road

3. Wake Up In Manhattan

4. No Fool

5. Line Of Fire

6. Wild And Free

7. Love Again

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SINGLE: "Somewhere Tonight"
ARTIST: James Otto
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
Follow Alyse on Twitter at @ASmith1300

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James Otto’s newest single “Somewhere Tonight” could easily be summed up into “Good Lord, I love James Otto!” Not only for this song but also for his previous hits and for his overall demeanor and perhaps most of all for the fact that there for a while he had consistent Stageit shows.  James invited us into his home, introduced us to his beautiful wife and daughter, his slightly off-kilter sense of humor and incredible sense of storytelling.  James if you wanted to dust off that old hat and bring that tradition back I’d be absolutely fine with that.  It’s been far too long since James has popped up on my radar but fear not, he’s been living a jet-setting life!  His next stop is in Pordenone, Italy for Country Christmas Music Festival.  Italy’s a country that seems to get way more country than you would think.  James’ last CD was released in 2010 but with this song it’s evident that he has not missed a beat.  “Somewhere Tonight” is the perfect mix of vocal talent and amp you up music.  “Somewhere tonight there’s adventures happening let’s go find them” is the message here, along with a sort of “we’ve got me you and a car what more do we need?”  There’s a sound present here that country radio desperately needs as it utilizes every typical stage instrument in the best possible way.  The guitar, the drums and the ever-present whoa whoa’s are all executed in a dazzling way.  Add in James’ voice that’s never failed to please and you’ve got a hit! A hit that will grow as soon as it reaches the radio and be such an immersive experience when performed live.  He’s touring all over the US for the next few months so be sure to catch a show!

Connect with James online at his official website, on Twitter and Facebook.


SINGLE: "All Country On You"
ARTIST: Austin Webb
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
Follow Alyse on Twitter at @ASmith1300

Austin Webb’s newest single “All Country On You”, set to officially impact country radio on 1/5/15, is an anthem for what Taylor Swift has previously hinted at.  If you don’t want the crazy don’t cause it! “Can’t blame no one else when you brought it all on yourself” is how it’s phrased in the song.

Written by Josh Kear, Chris Tompkins and Mark Irwin, it’s definitely a catchy song, one that makes you grin and sing along with easily.  “Going Carrie Underwood on my truck” is the line that made Austin record this song, as it’s a very clever and distinct line I can’t blame him for that choice.  My favorite lines in this song are from the chorus “Don’t tick her off, break her heart, tell her lies – don’t feed her any lipstick alibis – ain’t nothing she can’t see through.”  I love the “lipstick alibis” and the way the whole song’s set up to be one clever line after another, a how-to that’s upbeat without being vapid or caustic.

Austin consistently impresses and after hearing this and other songs of his, I’m convinced of his immense vocal prowess.  I feel confident in saying that this song will perform well as will Austin as an artist.  His career’s just getting started and there’s only up from here.  I can’t wait to see what else he has to offer us and what else the lyricists Kear, Tompkins and Irwin will dream up.

Connect with Austin online via his official website, Twitter and Facebook.