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Thursday, October 2, 2014


SINGLE: "Standard American"
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys are a throwback to older country days, with their debut single “Standard American” pure grit, no pop sound that is present in so much of newer country. There’s a gruffer country-rock sound in their music that is present in absolutely nothing on the airwaves today. So much so, that it is both shocking and cause for reminiscence upon first listen. Their song “Standard American” is as the title suggests, their view of what an ideal American is. As catchy and easily identifiable as this song is, it will catch on like wildfire. This isn’t a song that will appeal to absolutely everyone but that’s not what they're aiming for here. They’re looking for those that want to dive deep into country, those who have loved it their entire lives and love the history behind it. They’re not looking for the people who only listen to surface of country, the crossover group, that doesn’t really embrace it for all its darkness and all its grit. Not to denigrate the lighter side of country, as I quite like a lot of it but there’s just something about a song that is so unabashed about what it is and who is it for. Done in such a talented manner no less. A very patriotic song, one that speaks of protection, family and country. “You can call me a redneck, you can call me a hick, saying I’m a drunk messed up just a bit.” A song that’ll resonate with many hard-core country fans, as Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys refuse to water their music or opinions down.

If you want to catch Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys on tour this month they’ll be in Grand Rapids, MI this Friday, October 3rd, in Elkhart, IN next Friday, October 10th and next Saturday, October 11th in Kansas City, MO.

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SINGLE: "Oh Yeah"
ARTIST: David Shelby
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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David Shelby’s newest single “Oh Yeah” is the title track of his new EP due out November 4th.  “Oh Yeah” is Shelby’s sophomore release and first EP.  His voice is a sultry drawl that’s impossible to get enough of.  The song itself is earworm-quality with its ability to make you break out in “Everybody say ““Ohhh yeah” watch her walk away now.” throughout the day.  He sings of a night that’s going well until he sees this girl.  She’s of jaw-dropping beauty and would knock everyone speechless were it not for the choruses of “Ohhh yeah” being uttered after she walks by.  What I love about this song is that you know exactly what he’s talking about.  There’s definitely people where you stop and stare across the bar or somewhere and I am definitely wondering along with the woman in this song, why he’s drinking wine.  She starts looking back at him, they slip away for a little while.  Clothes slip off as well and suddenly they’re skinny dipping.  Memorable lines here would be “leaning on the bar just like she owns it” and “tryin’ not to laugh at my glass wine” but between the Conway Twitty cover band and the river full of steam and scandal, the whole song’s rather memorable.

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SINGLE: "Headlights"
ARTIST: Montgomery Gentry
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Montgomery Gentry’s newest single “Headlights” is a high-octane return to country music.  Radio silence has been Montgomery Gentry’s sound for the past couple years, so it’s nice to see them return to country music.  “Headlights” is the title track off of their latest album, due out Spring 2015.

Previously known for a string of hits such as “Back When I Knew It All,” “Hell Yeah” and “If You Ever Stopped Lovin’ Me,” this most recent single of Montgomery Gentry’s is sure to follow suit. Heavy on the electric guitar without sacrificing the vocals, Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery manage to deliver a night of partying, directions included.  All you have to do is “follow those headlights.”  A pre-game of a song if ever I’ve heard one, this song will get you excited for the night and party ahead.  Just make sure not to pre-game too hard before you “take it to the riverside” because this one’s going to last until you see sun.  A night full of music cranked up and beer drank down with everyone reveling in the heat, this surely sounds like a night that’s wonderfully common and all too memorable.  The party hardy and rock harder vibe has never been absent from the duo’s music and here it’s even further amplified.  A summertime anthem making its debut at the start of fall, this one’ll have to be played indoors until we again reach sweet summertime.

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